Supremely efficient backlit LED recessed office VDT luminaire with microprism lens


  • Ingress Protection Rating IP40
  • Lamp options include LED
  • CE Marked
  • ColourActive versions available
  • LUX Guard
  • Energy saving Smart versions available
  • SmartScan Smart
  • UK Building Regulations Approved Document B (Spread of Fire) Tp(a) – no restriction of use

High performance shallow recessed luminaires. Construction maintains ceiling lines with no protrusion into space. Supremely efficient lens system providing 138 lumens per “lamp” watt. 16W, 21W or 36W LED versions. Excellent glare cut back above 65 degrees.

Applications: offices, schools, call centres, VDT areas.

Install using Lighting Cable Management - the fast & reliable connection system for recessed luminaires:

Lighting Cable Management

Building Regulations - Part B Fire Safety