Introducing The New High Level SolowXL Range Addition

Posted on Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Following the successful introduction of the SolowXL in 2009, its unrivalled photometric performance has allowed us to mount luminaires up to 16m in warehousing and factory environments providing highly uniform horizontal and vertical illumination.

The SolowXL photometric performance, coupled with Smart lighting controls, offers our customers the ultimate industrial lighting solution with vast operational cost savings over existing luminaires meeting the ever increasing demand for “greener” lighting solutions.

Smart technology has now been extended to our High Level SolowXL range allowing the full capabilities of the Industrial Smart System, above the standard 10m limit, up to 16m mounting heights with excellent PIR coverage and automatic ambient light level sensing. Our exclusive “motionline” capability also allows groups of luminaires to be controlled preventing “pooling” of light only in areas local to occupancy.