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Combo Prismatic

Part Name Product Code
Combo Prismatic reflector REF8415
Combo Prismatic cover 38PLY11308
Cover clamping ring VB8414
GES (E40) skirted lamp holder LH5034
Adjustable mounting bracket for integral ballast CR5874


Part Name Product Code
LED Bay Diffuser 37PLY24827
LED Bay Bracket kit CX14647
LED Bay LED Recessing Bezel CX14563
LED Bay Lid Standard * LID24829
LED Bay Lid Smart 82LID24848W
116W LED Board * 03PCB28370
* To ensure colour/flux match, please quote bin code when ordering.

Solow LED

Part Name Product Code
Diffuser 2.1m Narrow Distribution 33MCH26665
Diffuser 1.6m Narrow Distribution 33MCH26666
Diffuser 1.1m Narrow Distribution 33MCH26667
Diffuser 2.1m Broad Distribution 33MCH26831
Diffuser 1.6m Broad Distribution 33MCH26832
Diffuser 1.1m Broad Distribution 33MCH26833
SolowLED End Caps (Not Including Screws) 36END26647G
110W Narrow LED Board (2 per fitting) * 03PCB28961
* To ensure colour/flux match, please quote bin code when ordering.

Solow T5

Part Name Product Code
1500mm glare reduction louvre SW12071
Kit of 3 spacers for trunking fix SW11792
T5 lamp holder (Sprung) 03LH206
T5 lamp holder (Fixed) 03LH207
Broad Distribution Reflector 1200mm REF18277
Broad Distribution Reflector 1500mm REF18278
Narrow Distribution Reflector 1200mm REF18279
Narrow Distribution Reflector 1500mm REF18280
1200mm 5mm thick clear polycarbonate cover SW12202
1200mm steel wire guard (polyester coated) SW12068
1500mm steel wire guard (polyester coated) SW12070
1200mm glare reduction louvre SW12069

Solow XL

Part Name Product Code
Aluminium Reflector 1200mm Broad REF22753
Aluminium Reflector 1200mm Narrow REF22754
Aluminium Reflector 1500mm Broad REF22170
Aluminium Reflector 1500mm Narrow REF22171
Polycarbonate Panel 4ft (1200mm) 36PLY23110
Polycarbonate Panel 5ft (1500mm) 36PLY23109
Lamp Holder T5 (1 Non-sprung Lamp Holder) 03LH207
Lamp Holder T5 (1 Sprung Lamp Holder) 03LH206

Solow XLED

Part Name Product Code
Standard Lid LID30315SV3
Smart Lid LID30316SV3
Smart TR Lid LID30317SV3
Broad Distribution Lens 07LEN007
Narrow Distribution Lens 07LEN008
Screw to hold in Lens 01SCW016
Chain/Wire Suspension Kit (4 x M8 screw eyelets) IK16897
65/130/190/255W 4000K Board & Narrow LED Board (10 per Narrow & 20 per Board) * 03PCB30912
* To ensure colour/flux match, please quote bin code when ordering.


Part Name Product Code
406mm diameter toughened/safety glass cover GLA5276
457mm diameter toughened/safety glass cover GLA5275
Adjustable mounting bracket for integral ballast CR5874