What is ErP?

ErP (Energy Related Products) is part of the Ecodesign directive introduced by the European Parliament. Its aim is to tackle the ever growing energy demand by "establishing a framework for setting of Ecodesign requirements for energy using products".

The initial focus will be on electric motor systems, HVAC equipment, water heaters, domestic appliances, consumer electronics, office equipment, and lighting. These applications have been identified as being able to offer a cost effective reduction in energy and greenhouse gasses. Eventually the implementation will spread to all energy using products.

The Ecodesign philosophy has been designed to tackle a product's negative impact on the environment at design stage where decisions are made concerning product performance. Consideration must be given to the entire life cycle of the product which includes its manufacture, shipping, through life use and disposal.

How does ErP affect lighting?

Regulation 244/2009 and 245/2009 are the implementation measures for domestic and non domestic lighting. These measures set out requirements for lamps, ballasts and luminaires. In many cases minimum performance standards have been set along with the requirement for manufacturers to provide product information which is accessible via the internet.

How is Thorlux complying?

Thorlux luminaires are among the most energy efficient on the market. To achieve this we use advanced design and testing practices combined with the selection of the very best components. Compliance is broken down into three sections as follows.

Lamps and Ballasts:-
Regulation 245/2009 sets out the performance criteria for lamps and ballasts. Whilst Thorlux does not manufacture lamps or ballasts, we do sell these within our luminaires. Only lamps and ballasts that meet the performance criteria are utilised within Thorlux goods and for energy efficiency information on these products please use the links below.

In accordance with regulation 245/2009 manufacturers must provide product information for installation, maintenance and disposal. Currently the first stage of the regulation only calls for the above information to be detailed if the luminaire utilises a fluorescent lamp(s) and has an output >2000 lumens.

The energy performance of any lamps and/or ballasts that are used within the light fitting must also be detailed.

Installation and maintenance instructions can be accessed for all Thorlux products via the individual product pages on this website.

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