Thorlux can supply an approved range of luminaires and systems to the UK Prison Service for all areas of prison establishments from workshops, canteens and recreational areas to corridors, landings and safe-cell accommodation blocks. Thorlux has developed these products in close consultation with the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) to meet stringent new standards.

NOMS is part of the Ministry of Justice and regulates the procurement and supply to prisons of all manner of products, including lighting.

The Thorlux Prison Range includes a wide selection of specially formulated luminaire designs for ‘non-accommodation’, ‘cell’ and‘safe-cell’prison areas.

The new NOMS standards for the construction, performance and longevity of in-cell luminaires are based on Home Office specifications. These standards detail the requirements of luminaires for use in both standard and safe-cell accommodation and introduce a testing regime far in excess of previous Home Office requirements.

In the development of the Thorlux ‘Accommodation’ Area Lighting System, an extensive programme of impact, burn and anti-ligature tests were undertaken in association with NOMS engineers to ensure that the luminaires and systems would not allow occupants to self harm. High severity impact testing using cell available items specified by NOMS as impact providers ensures that these luminaires and systems will sustain no operational impairment during service. NOMS testing further ensures that diffusers will withstand attack from such items as screwdrivers and cutlery and will withstand many minutes of naked flame attack after which there will still be no ligature attachment risk.

NOMS certification also applies to luminaires and systems for use in Police Custody Suites, Customs and Excise Establishments, Court Premises and Mental Health and Secure Units.