Internal parking areas require sealed luminaires for protection against damp, and to offer vandal-resistance. A-Line and Thoroproof are both suitable choices. Stairwells & lift lobbies need smaller luminaires with similar characteristics, such as the Prismalette or Arcadian.

The lack of height is a common issue in multi-storey car parks, so shallow luminaires are often required. Luminaires are regularly orientated lengthways along aisles to reduce glare to motorists. The parking spaces should be well lit, so that drivers can park safely, and users feel secure whilst on foot.

Illumination Levels

The illumination level is dependent upon the usage level and the crime risk of the location. (See table)

Application Minimum maintained mean illuminance (lux) Illuminance uniformity (minimum/average) Notes
Light traffic and low crime risk car parks 5 0.25 The illuminance is measured on the ground, using the method given in BS 5489-1:2020
Medium traffic and medium crime risk car parks 10 0.25
Heavy traffic and medium crime risk car parks 20 0.25

Emergency Lighting

Pedestrian routes in a car park should have emergency lighting installed to comply with the requirement for Escape Routes in BS 5266-1.

Firefly Surface with a corridor lens is a sealed surface mounted emergency luminaire that is ideal for illuminating walkways. The Lexi-65 is a sealed bulkhead luminaire that can be used as an exit sign by the addition of a self-adhesive legend.


SmartScan Lighting Management

SmartScan brings significant benefits to multi-storey car parks. These include:

  • Energy Savings, especially in car parks that are open 24 hours. Luminaires can be dimmed down or turned off when no movement is detected.
  • Wireless communication between luminaires ensures that groups of luminaires switch on together so users feel secure and vehicles can manoeuvre safely.
  • Luminaires are dimmed or turned off in areas that benefit from daylight ingress.
  • Emergency lighting is tested automatically and status is constantly monitored.
  • Luminaire status is monitored, so any issue (caused by failure or vandalism) is reported quickly so that rectification can take place.
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