External Areas

External Areas

External exercise areas are often used during the evening, so need to be well lit. Consideration needs to be given to the location of luminaires for future maintenance and access. It may be possible to provide sufficient illumination from column mounted flood lights mounted outside the patient-access area. If the area is lit from several different directions, then shadowing is reduced, and the uniformity is often improved. The placement of luminaires should be coordinated with the CCTV camera locations to ensure that glare from the luminaires does not impact CCTV visibility, and of course spill lighting into bedrooms should be minimised. Energy efficiency must be considered; ideally luminaires should have photocell control to ensure that they are not left on at full brightness all night. SmartScan External movement sensors allow luminaires to be switched between lighting levels by occupancy sensing.

Illumination Levels

Application Minimum maintained mean illuminance (lux) Illuminance uniformity (minimum/average)
Traffic areas and roads for slow moving vehicles, max. 6 mph (e.g. bicycles, trucks and excavators) 10 0.40
Regular vehicular traffic (max. 25 mph) 20 0.40
Pedestrian passages, vehicular turning, loading and unloading points 50 0.40
Security lighting - very low risk 5 0.25
Security lighting - low risk 10 0.40
Security lighting - medium risk 20 0.40
Security lighting - high risk 50 0.40
Light traffic and low crime risk car parks 5 0.25
Medium traffic and medium crime risk car parks 10 0.25
Heavy traffic and medium crime risk car parks 20 0.25

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External Areas

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