Cold Stores

Cold Stores

Cold stores have special requirements that dictate the choice of light source and luminaire type. Refrigeration units are often ceiling mounted, and this can result in the temperature at high level being lower than that at floor level. At low temperatures LED light sources are not subject to the issues of poor strike and low output associated with fluorescent and discharge lamps so are the natural choice.

Many cold stores use humidity control, but the way it is used will depend upon what is being stored. Some foodstuffs require high relative humidity to preserve the quality and moisture content of the food whilst others fare better with lower relative humidity levels. High humidity can also lead to condensation and ice forming on surfaces, including luminaires and the ceiling around them.

Cold environments create specific issues for emergency lighting because the batteries used for self-contained emergency lighting do not function well at low temperatures. One potential solution is to use an IP rated emergency luminaire and remotely mount the batteries outside the cold store.

For recommended lux levels please see CIBSE : SLL Lighting Guide 1 - The Industrial Environment (2012, updated 2018)

Illumination Levels

Application Minimum maintained mean illuminance (lux) Illuminance uniformity (minimum/average)
General 300 0.40
Breakdown, make-up and despatch 300 0.40
Loading Bays 150 0.40

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