What is the Thorlux Emergency Demonstration Experience?

Within its interactive Application Centre Thorlux has created an emergency lighting demonstration area.

The latest emergency lighting technology is demonstrated, showing how LED technology and automatic testing systems reduce through life costs.

Visitors can witness first hand the required illumination levels and uniformity as laid out in various UK and European standards.

There will also be a CIBSE approved CPD presentation on ‘Lighting for Emergency Situations (LG12)’.

Main Events of the Day

  • Emergency Lighting CPD Seminar
  • Simulated Emergency Evacuation
  • Demonstration of Emergency Lighting Levels
  • SmartScan Emergency Lighting Presentation
  • Application Centre Tour
  • Factory & Laboratory Tour

SmartScan Emergency

SmartScan Monitor

Thorlux has led the way in developing automatic testing of emergency lighting and visitors will be introduced to our latest system, SmartScan, which brings with it the advantage of wireless technology.

Live Action Emergency Evacuation


Visitors experience an emergency evacuation from a typical school classroom with and without operational emergency lighting. The interactive experience highlights the importance of a compliant installation. Night vision high technology cameras record the event for subsequent review and analysis.

Long Distance to Thorlux?

Ardencote Hotel

If you are travelling a long distance to Thorlux, we offer the option of an overnight stay at the four star Ardencote Manor Hotel, near Henley in Arden.

CPD - Lighting for Emergency Situations (LG12)

Emergency Lighting and signage present a number of challenges for the designer, the installer and the end-user. Design requirements vary between different types of buildings, and the needs of specific users should be considered. The building owner has a legal obligation to regularly test and maintain emergency luminaires, but this can be time-consuming and costly.

This presentation considers the issues raised by the current legislative requirements particularly for the designer and the end-user.

It shows how new technologies can be used to address the issues relating to effective emergency lighting provision, and to reduce life-cycle costs for the end-user.

Andrew Smith

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Emergency Demonstration Experience
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