Thorlux Tunnel Lighting Success Stories Continue

Posted on Monday, November 26, 2012

One day, LEDs will be the preferred solution for the lighting of road tunnels. This exciting technology is bringing many potential benefits across numerous lighting sectors, but in the challenging world of road tunnels, there are still obstacles for LEDs to overcome before they can be considered the default solution in terms of both their lighting and energy performance.

When you consider threshold zones in excess of 200m in length and boost level requirements of up to 20,000 lux it is very difficult to look beyond the technical merits of 150W, 400W and 600W HID lamps – particularly when allied with the levels of control and functionality offered by the Scanlight system to deliver the lighting and energy savings required in 2011 and beyond.

Projects of the size and complexity of the A3 Hindhead Tunnel can be delivered by Thorlux using the correct technology to light to the required levels, whilst maximising maintenance intervals and minimising energy use. This particular project has been at the forefront of public interest and opinion and has also created a significant amount of media interest including BBC coverage of the development and opening of the tunnel and a video taking you on a drive through the tunnel.

For more information please visit TRT Lighting, the latest company within the FW Thorpe Plc Group which has evolved from Thorlux Lighting as an independent specialist company. Building on 75 years of lighting experience they are dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of LED road and tunnel luminaires.

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