SmartScan - New Features

Posted on Thursday, December 21, 2017

The highly successful Thorlux SmartScan system has been upgraded for 2018 with new features:

It is now possible to select integral SmartScan emergency operation for most SmartScan Smart luminaires (check the individual product pages for details).

Full luminaire status monitoring information can be viewed for all luminaires on the SmartScan web site.

SmartScan specific (3-way) Lighting Cable Management pre-wired leads are now available and allow for fast installation of recessed luminaires and reduced costs.

The ability to preset switching times for SmartScan External luminaires.

The addition of Stand-alone SmartScan Sensors allowing the use of non SmartScan luminaires (they must be fitted with DALI drivers).

For further information please visit the SmartScan page.

SmartScan Page

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