Kampen Skole

Oslo, Norway

Established in 1888, Kampen Skole is a primary school which houses approxiamately 550 students and 80 employees. Adapti has designed this dynamic and inspirational space within the school using Thorlux Cloud and Ovix luminaires.

The Ovix breaks from traditional lighting convention by using an indirect light source. The LED light engine is positioned at the front of the luminaire and directed backwards towards a high performance profiled reflector. The light is reflected in multiple directions through a clear polycarbonate cover, creating a broad light distribution whilst maintaining high performance and visual comfort with no visible image of LEDs. When lighting a corridor it is possible to use fewer Ovix luminaires than conventional alternatives to maintain or improve average light levels and uniformity, whilst still reducing the power consumed.

The Thorlux Cloud is a suspended cloud feature luminaire with very high efficiency and long life. The Clouds at Kampen Skole use ColourActive technology for automatic colour temperature control. The daily ColourActive cycle is configured via the SmartScan website. Preset regimes follow the natural daylight rhythm, or specific settings can be set and tailored as required. These settings are transferred to the ColourActive Gateway
which broadcasts colour temperature settings to all luminaires every few minutes, ensuring seamlessly smooth transitions throughout the day.

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Lighting management & emergency monitoring

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