SmartScan Radar


What is SmartScan Radar?

SmartScan Radar extends the award-winning SmartScan range of lighting controls. Using the latest high frequency sensor technology SmartScan Radar is mounted directly to the LED light engine, integral to the luminaire and is designed for applications where the luminaire aesthetics and impact rating are important factors.

Thorlux can offer a wide range of luminaires with SmartScan Radar technology built into the LED light engine, for use in a wide variety of applications.

SmartScan Radar offers energy saving through presence detection and daylight control, user control via SmartScan scene setting or timed override from the SmartScan website.


  • Radar presence detectors are integral to the luminaire, providing improved vandal resistance and aesthetics.
  • Unique 24 GHz sensor with increased sensitivity to small movements whilst being less prone to false detection than traditional ‘microwave’ technology.
  • Fully programmable light levels, detection range (sensitivity), time delays and security levels via the SmartScan Programmer.
  • New advanced SmartScan technology allows photocell control with the LED lamp on or off.
  • Full status monitoring via the SmartScan website.
  • Automatic testing and record keeping of emergency luminaires via the SmartScan website.
SmartScan Radar Sensor


Motionline is a wireless connection between SmartScan luminaires enabling the creation of control groups. If any single luminaire detects movement all connected luminaires within the group will illuminate.

This valuable feature is designed to eliminate the possibility of a user being isolated in a small pool of light, surrounded by intimidating darkness. The Motionline ensures that there will always be a well-lit comfortable environment. Once the last person leaves an area the luminaire waits for a pre-programmed period before dimming and turning off or dimming to a user pre-defined level.

With Motionline Without Motionline

SmartScan Radar Presence Detection Guide

SmartScan Radar uses a 24 GHz high frequency sensor to detect movement. This technology benefits from increased sensitivity with fewer detection errors than traditional 5 GHz ‘microwave’ solutions.

Presence Detection of the Sensor

The system can be used in both wall and ceiling mounted applications for internal areas and under canopies for external areas. With 7 main and one hundred possible sensitivity settings the system can be commissioned to suit the environment.


It is strongly recommended that SmartScan luminaires are connected using the “Motionline” technology. If one luminaire detects movement, a signal is passed to all of the luminaires in the group triggering all luminaires to illuminate. This ensures effective group-control and extends presence detection coverage. SmartScan luminaires utilise wireless “mesh” technology to replace the wired Motionline - particularly helpful in retro-fit and external applications.

Mounting Height

Where possible, luminaires should be positioned in such a way that the detection areas overlap. The SmartScan Radar system has a sensor in each luminaire ensuring that the optimum detection level is easily achieved using conventional spacing.

SmartScan Radar Presence Detection Guide

Daylight Control

The SmartScan Radar sensor has a built in photocell that ensures the luminaire remains off when daylight is present. The desired light level can be set using a SmartScan programmer as well as switching thresholds to ensure correct operation in a variety of applications.

Unlike traditional microwave sensors the SmartScan Radar sensor can measure daylight ingress with the lamp on or off..

Daylight Control

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