Circulation Spaces

Circulation Spaces

Circulation areas should enable people to find their way easily and safely through the building, even when they are unfamiliar with it. Corridors are used as social areas, for the display of student works and notices.

Illuminance level requirements are 100 lux, but higher illumination values should be adapted to the activity type and level. Corridors will be the escape routes, so emergency lighting will be required.

Choice of Luminaire

The Clara range has been used successfully in many circulation areas. The Clara 720 is ideal for stairwells and atria, and is often supplemented with wall-mounted Clara 360, Clara 180 or Clara 90 luminaires.

The Clara 720 is ideal for stairwells and atria.

The Radiance Corridor has an asymmetric distribution, so it can be mounted off-centre yet still evenly illuminate across the full width of the corridor.

Hi-Bar Recessed is suitable for decorative ceilings and can add aesthetic interest.

The Thorlux Cloud is a high performance feature luminaire designed to create inspirational spaces, so is ideal for atria and stairwells.

SmartScan Lighting Management

Stairwells and atria often benefit from large glazed areas to introduce daylight, so energy can be saved by automatically dimming and switching.

Lighting levels can be reduced when there is no movement in the corridors.

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