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Retail and hospitality clients have often been at the leading edge of technology introduction and have been instrumental in the co-development of new products. Retailers are renowned for their early adoption of technically advanced solutions as they look to differentiate their offer in a fiercely competitive environment. Increased energy efficiency, reduced cost of ownership, strong environmental credentials, and an optimised return on investment are all measurable objectives, but there is a wider context to lighting in this category that includes elements such as ‘customer experience, brand identity, image, value creation’ for which lighting can make a major contribution.

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Colour Impression

From the warmth of a restaurant’s intimate dinner setting to the cool ambience of a clean room environment, Thorlux offers a wide spectrum of LED colour temperature choices.

Very warm


2700 K



3000 K



4000 K


Clinical area

6500 K

Colour Quality

Saturated colours and enriched textures achieved through good lighting techniques. For more information on good quality lighting visit our Light Quality Experience page.

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Stand Out

Vivid, crisp and enriched colour quality that makes the product jump out of the display.

Stand Out

Get Noticed

Attract shoppers with merchandise that is bright, vibrant and intense.

Get Noticed

Complete Lighting Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Tailor made lighting designs create unique spaces that stand out from the competition.

Bespoke Solutions

Customer First

Thorlux Lighting puts the ‘customer first’ and constantly strives to deliver excellent customer service.

Customer First

External Lighting

Improved safety and reduced risk of crime are essential ingredients of any positive customer experience.

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Back of House

Correct lighting back of house is essential for the health and safety, and well-being, of employees.

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All retailers should comply with the emergency lighting standards to ensure customer and employee safety are treated as a priority in any store environment.

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Control Systems

SmartScan is a revolutionary wireless lighting control system that allows users to monitor their energy performance data and complete operational information for all SmartScan standard and emergency luminaires.

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Retail Projects

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