The Thorlux Smart System exploits the latest “Digital Technology” to provide a simple, effective method of lighting control which minimises energy consumption whilst retaining high levels of user comfort.

A discrete sensor integral to the luminaire monitors ambient light and presence controlling output to the correct level, and ensuring that the area is only illuminated when occupied.

Lighting can account for a high percentage of energy consumed within a building, especially if uncontrolled discharge luminaires or old technology switch start fluorescent luminaires are installed.

Savings by the installation of Thorlux Smart luminaires often exceed 70%.

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Scene Control

Interactive Demo

MAX Mode

All luminaires go to their maximum level. Feature lighting switches on.

ECO+ Mode

Smart luminaires boost to maintain 500 lux. Ideal for art classes, technology or adult education. Feature lighting, if used, turns off.


Smart luminaires adjacent to the teaching wall dim to 25% of the maintained ECO level. Luminaire closest to the whiteboard turns off. Others remain at the same setting. Feature lighting, if used, can turn on to highlight wall art.


All luminaires turn off.

ECO Mode

Maintained level, in this example commissioned at 300 lux, feature lighting, if used, turns off. Maximum energy saving mode.


Brightens or dims smart luminaires manually to achieve desired level.

System Features

System Components

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