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The rising cost of energy

Every business is aware that energy prices are at an all-time high. In fact, they are three to four times greater than in 2021. Then, the average UK electricity unit price was around 12p/kWh; today, this is more like 30–40p/kWh, depending on supplier and energy deal. This price rise is significantly impacting companies in every industry.

How can Thorlux help?

With the cost of energy being so high, there has never been a smarter time to modernise your lighting. Lighting is an essential resource that, on average, accounts for one-fifth of all power consumption. Greater lighting efficiency can produce significant savings. Thorlux Lighting can help you save on energy through high-performance, energy-efficient luminaires and control systems.

Reduce energy use by 70%.

Introducing SmartScan.

SmartScan is a revolutionary wireless lighting management system that maximises energy savings and automates emergency lighting testing and record keeping. The system allows users to monitor their energy performance data and complete operational information for all SmartScan standard and emergency luminaires. This information is displayed on the SmartScan website which is accessible anywhere.

SmartScan luminaires contain a discrete integral sensor which monitors ambient light and occupancy, controlling output to the correct level and only illuminating when needed. SmartScan-equipped projects frequently benefit from energy savings exceeding 70% when compared with conventional technology.

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Fast Return on Investment.

Thorlux luminaires and controls provide a fast return on investment. Additionally, the high cost of energy is having a positive impact on ROI periods, making them even shorter. This means that users will start saving sooner. Thorlux has a dedicated energy surveying team that can provide free customised usage calculations, showing how quickly you would offset your purchase.

Hospital corridor

Impact on Return on Investment.

Police Station

Number of luminaires: 1,108

Operating hours: 8,760 p.a.

Electricity price tariff: £0.40

Install cost included? Yes

Cap Ex: £401,168.77


Total power consumption
of lighting system:


379,356 kWh per annum


102,360.60 kWh per annum

operating saving
per annum


Return on
3.12 years


Number of luminaires: 24,124

Operating hours: 4,758 p.a.

Electricity price tariff: £0.40

Install cost included? Yes

Cap Ex: £4,294,797.31


Total power consumption
of lighting system:


7,949,597 kWh per annum


2,930,630 kWh per annum

operating saving
per annum


Return on
2.11 years

Flexible funding options

Thorlux offers flexible funding solutions from Mitsubishi HC Capital UK PLC, a leading financial services company with over four decades of experience and nearly 1.3 million customers. Thorlux has a Partnership Agreement with Mitsubishi, allowing funding models ranging from simple payment plans to more innovative turnkey solutions that include installation and maintenance. Your Thorlux representative will be happy to run through the options with you.

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Why buy from Thorlux?

Thorlux designs and manufactures its comprehensive range of professional, energy-efficient lighting and control systems at sophisticated facilities in Redditch, Worcestershire.

When choosing Thorlux, you can be confident of receiving:

  • Professional, competent advice from a long-established UK company
  • A choice of lighting and control systems subject to stringent quality control (BS EN ISO 9001:2015)
  • Excellent customer service and a 5-year warranty
  • Environmentally-friendly products from a carbon-neutral manufacturer (BS EN ISO 14001:2015)
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Find out how you can save

Thorlux offers a site survey and report for businesses looking to upgrade their lighting systems. The report assesses your current lighting levels and calculates power consumption costs. Thorlux pairs this evaluation with a detailed proposal for an optimised LED lighting system, clearly showing the potential efficiency improvements and energy cost reductions as well as the ROI period and expected savings going forwards.

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