Passway - Upgraded to incorporate the SmartScan Radar high-frequency sensor

Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The highly successful Passway bollard has been updated to include the SmartScan Radar high-frequency sensor, maximising energy savings through presence detection, photocell control, luminaire status reporting, energy usage monitoring, and user control timed override via the SmartScan website. With 360° detection and vandal resistance, the addition of SmartScan Radar allows the incorporation of Passway bollards into any external SmartScan installation. As a result, the bollard luminaires will only operate when needed, maximising energy savings.

Passway delivers abundant unique features, including superior optics, enabling wider spacing distances than conventional bollards and meaning fewer luminaires are required to light a space. Passway emits just 2% upward light, minimising light pollution. The onboard optical selector switch provides on-site adjustment between area and pathway lighting distributions, providing flexibility and ease of installation.

The Passway illuminated bollard provides high performance and a long life for many applications. For further information, please visit the Passway features page.

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