Recessed picture luminaire with dual light engine


Flexview is a recessed lay-in luminaire with a dual light engine combining low power edge-lit technology for its picture window with a separate sophisticated, highly efficient low glare optics for main space illumination. Flexview allows creativity, enhancing the look and feel of a space whilst still providing quality functional lighting.

Applications: Teaching spaces, Offices, Corridors, Waiting rooms, Break-out spaces, Reception areas, Retail, Windowless rooms

Flex System - Rethink the Possibilities

Flexview - Installation Guide

Hands On With The Flexview

Bring a touch of the outside inside

Flexview uses the same optical elements as Flexline around the perimeter of its picture window to provide high quality general illumination whilst separate edge-lit technology provides dedicated picture illumination.

Flexview allows creativity with the lighting layout, enhancing the look and feel of the space.


Dual Light Engine

The perimeter light engine provides the general illumination and can dim to suit conditions. The picture window remains at a constant brightness whilst the luminaire is turned on. The combination of two light engines provides excellent colour quality, correct control and superb overall efficiency.

Single Power Connection

A single control gear enclosure controls the dual light source system; there is only one power connection for Flexview regardless of the size of its array. Each panel has a pre-wired lead for error-free installation.

Tool Free Installation

Flexview luminaires simply lay in to an exposed T-bar grid making installation easy and quick.

Integral Smart Sensor

Smart Versions Include A Sensor Discretely Mounted Within The Frame. One Sensor Per Flexview Kit.

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