Heijs Food Products

Hoogeveen, Netherlands

Heijs Food Products B.V. is a poultry production company based in the Netherlands.

When designing lighting for food production, food safety is the primary consideration and is covered by legislation and standards which need to be taken into account.
Due to the nature of the environment the A-Line Acrylic was chosen for the application. The luminaire has a robust and durable extruded aluminium body with die-cast ends and a smooth acrylic cover which is resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for food production areas.

Applications Covered:

The Challenge

"In the production hall, (chicken) fillet products and high end food products are produced. For optimal quality of our products, it is important that we work in a safe, (hygienic) -clean and well illuminated working environment", says Head of TD at Heijs Food Products BV.
“By raising the light intensity on the work floor we can perform the visual actions precisely so we can deliver an even better product. The lighting has to withstand extreme cleaning products and comply with strict (hygienic) - laws and regulations.
Initially, we opted for a luminaire from a third party, which unfortunately could not meet our expectations", he says. “We noticed that soon after initial cleaning, water appeared in the fixture and that the housing began to deteriorate. That's when we looked for an alternative solution and found the Thorlux by Lightronics A-Line
LED fixture."

The Solution

Specific requirements were set for the lighting at Heijs Food Products due to the laws and regulations within the food industry.
“In production, the light intensity had to be scaled up from 300Lux to 500Lux, to better enable us to carry out checks during the production process. In addition, the lighting must be resistant to (extreme) chemical clean. ”
“Due to the increased light intensity, Lightronics enabled us, with the A-Line LED luminaire, to be able to execute our production process even more precisely and by choosing an acrylic cover we can thoroughly clean the working environment which ensures a hygienically clean workplace."
Head of TD - Heijs Food Products BV

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