Nunnery Wood High School

Worcester, United Kingdom

Nunnery Wood High School is a coeducational secondary school located in Worcester. The school recently completed the refurbishment and extension of the Art block and additional car park. Thorlux Lighting was asked to propose a new installation that would combine the necessary energy cost savings with a vastly improved quality of light in and around the building.

A selection of Thorlux luminaires, including the Starbeam, Realta and Prismalette 360, combined with the SmartScan wireless lighting management system, have been installed in the carpark and on the exterior of the building. SmartScan External takes the benefits of the Smart system and applies them to outdoor applications. A discrete sensor integral to the luminaire monitors ambient light and presence ensuring that the area is only illuminated when occupied and that the lighting is turned off during daylight hours. SmartScan wireless technology eliminates the need for control cabling between luminaires, making SmartScan External a cost effective choice for retro-fit and new build installations.

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Lighting management & emergency monitoring

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